Security & Compliance

CSA Security Trust Assurance and Risk Registry

Localize will detect the preferred language of each and every one of your visitors, and then display your copy in their language automatically. No technical lifting required.
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HIPAA Compliance

Localize is the leading HIPAA-compliant translation management system, helping healthcare organizations quickly and accurately translate their websites, applications, and documents. Our platform ensures protected health information is secured in an environment designed to meet the rigorous HIPAA compliance regulations of the healthcare industry.

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Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty

As part of Localize’s security program, the Localize service and application undergoes an annual penetration test. In addition, Localize maintains a Bug Bounty program managed by HackerOne.

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Annual Penetration Testing

To review a copy of our most recent Penetration Test Report, please reach out to your Account Manager or contact us at

Continuous Bug Bounty

Localize maintains a bug bounty program through HackerOne for continous vulnerability reporting.

Contact our Security Team

Our security team may be contacted by emailing If you discover a security issue or have any concerns, please reach out.

Fine-Grain Team Permissions

Organization team permissions allow you to grant access and set permissions for only those tasks an individual team member is authorized or required to complete.


Easily activate SAML SSO for your Organization to require all Localize team members authenticate with your IdP when accessing data within Localize.

Audit Logs

Every action users take within your Organization is recorded and retained, providing full visibility into changes that occur within your Localize Organization.

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